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The covid 19 incident in 2019 is expected to prolong social distance.This INPRO platform adds a description of whether wired services can be provided as a countermeasure after the rapidly changing corona.

    With the globalization and development of Information Technology, the industry of interpretation and travel is rapidly developing and changing day by day. In the midst of these changes, the need for interpreter tour guides is significantly decreasing.

    On the other hand, exchanges and public visits with other countries are on the rise, and consumer and incentive tours that require interpreters and tour guides continue to maintain the market. However, no matter how advanced the Information Technology is, IT cannot substitute tones and expression of the language that only humans are capable of. That is why interpreters and tour guides are still needed in the era of globalization.

    INPRO has developed a matching platform that allows both interpreters and clients to deal satisfactorily and safely in the interpretation and tourism guide market that has remained unchanged even in this changing industry. The Matching Platform supports you to become the best business partner by bringing the system online and matching the conditions between the interpreter and the client, away from the way the client has been unilaterally requested. In addition, we are building the system so that clients can easily and conveniently use all the services in one platform such as specialized products, vehicles, places of visit, and group hotel arrangements. Furthermore, we aim to realize the innovation and customer satisfaction of the era of interpretation and tour guide industry through the goal of 'Land Corporation' online 'by pursuing the online platform of the work that has been done by Land Corporation.

    As mentioned earlier, the interpreter and travel industry is rapidly developing and changing. Hotels and airlines are already fiercely competing with online travel agencies. Existing offline-based travel agencies and land companies are facing a crisis due to the emergence of travel startups and new travel platforms. But most of all, in this situation, consumers have made it easier and more affordable. In order to keep pace with these changes, INPRO has become an online platform for the interpretation tour guide, which has been done only by offline agents, so that the partners (interpreters & tour guides) and clients (consumers) using the platform find it satisfied and reasonable. We will make it into a 'square' of trade. We look forward to your continued interest and support in INPRO.

INPRO Corporation


<Company Overview>
Company Name INPRO Corporation
CEO Okubo Miyuki(大久保 美幸)
location ginza 4-5-20 kumagayashi, saitama Japan
Date of establishment June 21, 2019
Amount of capital 6 million Yen
Industry Interpreter/Tourism Guide Matching Platform, Travel Service Supply and Telecommunications Sales Business
Phone (+81) 50-5375-8684
Fax 050-3457-4549