Remote tour)Night view tour!Good night, Venice!

2021-11-05 19:24 ~ 2022-11-05 19:24


[Korean Online Tour] ▶ Good Night Venice

I'm going to go with you in the night view of Venice.
The most beloved musician in the world!
Antonio Vivaldi!!
The four seasons were composed while looking at the four seasons of Venice.
a popular Korean pop song
Venice's Winter, which is also the theme song of "Lee Hyun-woo's Day After Breakup"!!!!!
What kind of Venice winter did Vivaldi watch while composing the song?
The night view begins at 4:30 p.m. at dusk.
I'm going to leave in the night view of Venice on a good night tour.

▶ Online Tour Schedule
Santa Lucia Station - Academia Bridge - St. Mark's Cathedral - Rialto Bridge


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You can always change the time.
The A.B.C course will cover a variety of topics, including economic stories and music tours in Venice.
We will conduct tours while communicating in various ways such as

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