Remote tour "A pound of meat from a Venetian merchant!"

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I'd like to introduce you to a tour with a new theme.🇮🇹
A pound of meat in Venice!
From Marco Polo to the Jews! The history of finance is not a difficult book.
I'll tell you the story together with my trip.

Let me introduce Venice, the financial center that created the first bank.
the background of Shakespeare's novel
"The Venetian merchant and a pound of meat."
It's probably referring to Jews and Marco Polo.
Venice is a penniless city in the world and dominated an era.
The Moorish brothers made money from business and filled the bathtub with gold.
He was generous to foreigners, especially to Jews...
This is where Casanova, the fugitive, settled in France!
The place where I dreamed of the romantic Venice dream of a financial system merchant,
I'd like to share a story in harmony between two different people, Jewish and Venetian merchants, crocodile and crocodile birds."

course introduction
If you touch Moorein's nose, luck and fortune will come in?!
1. Ghetto: The World's First Ghetto Earth
It's a place of Jewish discrimination and protection.
Their lives were rich, they represented cooperatives, and even the Vatican could not use them recklessly.
But there were a lot of oppression and constraints in it.
It is now called Hongdae in Venice, where you can feel the exotic atmosphere of antique shops.
2. Mayor Rialto * Marco Polo
It's a meeting place between the East and the West.
A mysterious place where things from all over the world gather!
The world's first bank created to facilitate conflict with Jews and business flexibility!
Venice's currency went all the way to India.
We are in the midst of the times when we were at the center of world finance.
St. Mark's Cathedral!Shout out the center of the world.
Napoleon called the world's largest drawing room.
The place he wanted and admired the most in his life!!
The joy of shouting the center of the world in a life like a war orphan. We share stories in that space.


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