Ciao Padova Local Live Remote Tour

2021-10-13 10:24 ~ 2022-10-13 10:24


Ciao Padova 🇮🇹
Chief saury, I had a good time running today.🇮🇹
Padova is the city behind Shakespeare's novel "Jajama Narashi."
It's a Shakespeare comedy about a tomboy Catalina meeting Petrgio and becoming a companion.
Another protagonist who came to Padua to study that day appears..
Padua has always been a city of learning.
Not only did Casanova complete her studies, but also Copernicus, a geocentric theory, graduated from the University of Padua!
The background and necessity of the world's first botanical garden, botanical picture book, medical science, anatomy, etc.
a place where all conditions are consistent.
Galileo Galilei studied astronomy as a professor and invented telescopes.
It was thanks to the technology of Murano glasses in Venice that we were able to develop telescopes.
Travel and history all at once while answering questions and answering questions about the trend of the times and the story through the LAN tour of the manager of Sanma!!
Ciao padova !
Local LiveLAN Line Tour, Field Tour
Company Workshop * Sanatorium *
History of after-school learning, etc.


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The A.B.C course will cover a variety of topics, including economic stories and music tours in Venice.
We will conduct tours while communicating in various ways such as

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