Laos, a quiet golden land, New Travel Route Again Laos, 3 nights and 4 days.

2021-10-10 18:47 ~ 2022-10-31 18:47


***Airfare not included***
Here's an estimate for one person.
① Departure for 4 people: 650,000 won 1 VIP van
② Departure for 6 people: KRW 620,000 VIP van 1
③ Departure for 8 people: KRW 580,000 VIP van 1
④ Departure more than 12: 650,000 won VIP bus
⑤ Departure over 15: KRW 580,000 VIP bus

* Bientien Landmark Tourism
* Ruang Prabang Archaeological Site Tourism
(Experience royal palace, golden temple, begging ceremony)
* Luang Prabang Nature Trekking
(Gwangseo Falls, Mekong River Boat, Pucci Mountain Sunset)
*Bambien Nature Healing Tour
(Long Boat, Kayaking, Cave Trekking)
* Bambien activities
(Zipline, Bucket Car)
Two out of two hours of traditional massage.


All settlements are made in US dollars.

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*Not Included*
Bangkok does not include entry and exit airfare.
<Massage tip not included. Manner tips separately > Mandatory tips: $2 massage tips
<Driver. Guide chip not included. Manners Tips >
Drivers and guides are not obligatory tips.
* If it's not polite, it's okay without a tip.
However, if you are sincere, please tip with all your heart.
* Individual expenses not included


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