New!! Travel Route! Again Thailand 4 nights and 5 days

2021-10-01 21:28 ~ 2022-10-31 21:28


Thailand Thailand Quiet Mystery Rain Season Trip
Bangkok ➡ Skotai ➡ Pisanurok ➡ Pechabun ➡ Bangkok

***Exclusive airfare to Bangkok***
Here's an estimate for one person.
① Departure for 4 people: 800,000 yen 1 VIP van
② Departure for 6 people: 77,000 yen 1 VIP van
③ Departure for 8 people: 74,000 yen 1 VIP van
④ Departure over 12: 80,000 yen VIP bus
⑤ Departure from more than 15: 75,000 yen VIP bus

* Bangkok Landmark Sightseeing
<Muangborang Water Market>
* Ayutthaya Archaeological Site Tourism
<Sightseeing of Ayutthaya Three major temples>
*Scotai Historical Park Tourism
* Pisanurok dense forest trekking nature trekking
*A peppered glass employee.
* Pechabun Unm Trekking <Takayama Village>
* Bangkok River Tour
Healing: Twice from a two-hour traditional massage schedule

* A guide with deep experience will guide you to nature trekking with deep history, culture and Thailand's nature in natural space.
We have prepared a trip to nature trekking and humanities that resonates with the soul, focusing on the contents of culture and life.

* Travel plans and contents are prepared for the safety and safety of tourists.
How was your trip to nature that was fun and dazzling?!
I wish you happiness all the time.
Goodbye to the most beautiful country in the world.


All settlements are made in US dollars.

<Breakfast, Lunch, Special Meals, Hotels, Vehicles, Local Korean Guide, Domestic Flight Ticket Tourist Schedule>

*Not Included*
Bangkok does not include entry and exit airfare.
<Massage tip not included. Manner tips separately > Mandatory tips: $3 massage tips
<Driver. Guide chip not included. Manners Tips >
Drivers and guides are not obligatory tips.
* If it's not polite, it's okay without a tip.
However, if you are sincere, please tip with all your heart.
* Individual expenses not included


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