New Treble Route Again Thailand <Super-luxury Classic>

2021-10-01 14:28 ~ 2022-10-31 14:28


Pattaya Seasandseon for 3 nights.
Bangkok Ramada River 1 Night (High Luxury)
***Airfare separately**
It's a one-person estimate.It is applied in dollars according to the exchange rate.
1)Departure for 4 people: 900,000 won.1 VIP van.
2. Departure for 6 people: 830,000 won. 1 VIP van.
3. Departure for 8 people: 770,000 won Two VIP vans.
4) Departure above 12: 900,000 won VIP bus
5) Departure over 15: 830,000 won VIP bus

1. The travel environment of this trip adds depth to the environment and space so that you can see a wide high space.
2. We focused on the points where you can relax and heal with the first nature-friendly nature theme hotel.
3. On the yacht at the viewpoint and on board.
The location point and time were considered important to set the calm atmosphere of the sunset.
4. With the closure of luxury aroma spa and massage in the morning, the trip was balanced with healing time.
Historical park. Temple of truth.Thai culture as a point of the heavenly house.We prepared it with a depth of history and art.
5. In-depth Thai guides guide and in-depth meals, history, and culture in natural spaces.We have prepared nature and culture to capture Thailand in our hearts.
6. We have prepared travel plans and contents focusing on the well-being and safety of travelers.

Bangkok: Ramada River Hotel 5 Stars
Pattaya: Sea Sand Sun 5 stars
# Full bookkeeping time> (Same level)
Aroma Spa full course once.
Traditional massage. Once out of 2 hours.
Breakfast: Hotel meal
Chinese food: Local food
(Korean food or Thai local food)
Dinner: Special benefit
1. Sunset yacht dinner.
Location: On a yacht.
2. Glass house dinner.
Location: Zomty and Beach.
3. Sky Gallery Dinner.
Location: Pattaya Viewpoint.
4. Chao Phraya River Award Dider.
Location: Bangkok iKON Siam.
5. Coranta Dinner.
Location: Bangkok locker room.
VIP VAN&BUS vehicle, which is exclusive for all of us.
I can speak Korean. Thai guide.
(Skilled in Korean)
No option & no shopping
(Various ticket tips are added)
*There is no hotel like this at this price.
*Yacht Sunset Tour*
"Classic tourist attractions."
5-star restaurant


<Breakfast, Chinese, Special Meals> Hotel, Vehicle, Guide>
<All sightseeing schedules>

* Not Included*
<Massage tip separately, manners tip separately> Mandatory tip: Massage tip over 100 baht.
<Article, Guide Tip Separate> Manner Tip
This is not a tip on the duty of an article or guide.

*You must be sincere and kind.
"However, if you are sincere, please do so."

* Individual expenses not included


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