Theme Travel 6 nights and 7 days (Human Literature Natural Jungle Trekking)

2021-10-01 20:15 ~ 2022-10-31 20:15


6 nights and 7 days (human literature, nature)Jungle trekking)
It penetrates the three stars of Indochina, the three countries.
"Soultrebler Korea" is a humanities, literature, nature, and trekking.We are recruiting a nature expedition team.

Meeting on the 1st and 15th of every monthArrived in Siem Lip Cambodia
Siem Lip Airport Meeting Point
#Meeting Board: Travel to the Chest & Good Morning Indochina.

day one
Theme 1 (Good Morning Indochina)
Travel to the Chest & Good Morning Indochina
Arrival at Siemlip >> Stay at Damlay Angkor Hotel

day two
Theme 2. (God's Mirror & Metabars)
① Angkor Wat Exploration
②Encore Tom Exploration
③ Phnomba exploration
④ Exploring Siem Sleep Walking Street

day three
Theme 3 "In search of lost wisdom"
①After a nature trip to Lake Treshop
* Air use from Siem Lip Airport
* (#1 hour required)
* Moved to Laos Luang Prabang* After arrival.
② "Saisho Falls."
③ "Golden Employee" and "Wat Mai Employee".the royal palace
④ Push Sun Exploration Sunset
⑤Luang Prabang Night Market Tour

day four
Theme 4 (Nature as it is)
①Luan's experience of begging bowls.morning market sightseeing
After the Mekong River Long Boat Tour*High Speed Railway*Move to Bambien
(#2 hours long)
③Bambien Nature Healing Tour
(Blue Lagoon 1.2 Cave Tracking, Jobline, Canoe, Long Tail)*Drive to Bientien* (#1 hour and 30 minutes required)Stay at Bientienm Antan Hotel

the fifth day
Theme 5. (Change of Civilization)
① Bientien Landmark Tour
a Tallian employeeThe question of victory. A million-dollar employee.
*After entering Thailand via the Thai border*Move to Udon Tani* (#1 hour and 30 minutes required)
② Tourism of Udongtani Natural Lotus Community in Thailand
* Domestic air travel from Udongtani Airport* (1 hour required)*After arriving at Bangkok Swannapoom*Pattaya movement (#1 hour and 30 minutes required)

Day 6
Theme 6. (In accordance with the rhythm of the journey)
① Thailand Nature Healing Tour.
"The Holy War of Truth: The House of Heaven"Golden Cliff Temple Silver Lake)
② Sunset Yacht Tour (Sea Fishing) Swimming in the Sea.Sunset Sightseeing)

the seventh day
Theme 7" (Goodbye Indochina)
*Move from Pattaya to Bangkok
* (It takes about 2 hours)
① Thailand's Historical Park Muanborang Tourism.② Icon Siam Tourism
③Chao Phraya River Tour


1. Travel expenses: 1,
263.69USD per person
* (Travel expenses will change (decrease) if there are more than two people.)
* (varies depending on exchange rate and non-demand period)
The general tour is a group tour of two or more people.
3. Groups, gatherings, and family tours coordinate the estimated dates and trips.
4. Travel expenses include national taxes, insurance, and travel safety insurance, and we share the insurance terms and conditions when booking a tour.
This is the national standard for departure from Korea on the 1st and 15th of every month.One day depending on the environment and weather season.The departure date on the 15th may vary partially.)
6. Air tickets are not available separately
(Please make sure to check.)***
7. Sharing of ticket information.I will consult with you about issuing the ticket.
*Ticket issuance fee if you wish to make a reservation and issue a ticket.(about 8.97USD) will be added.
8. All schedules are on the first day.It's a rough estimate of the arrival of Siem Lip-in.
Day 9.7. Out or Kaosan out from Bangkok to Bangkok Airport.
10. Accessories: (All dates, visas, hotels, cars, meals, guides)
11. Recommended for 2 people or more.
Three bedrooms are recommended for odd numbers of people.No additional charge
12.1 Single charge for departure by one person50,000 additional costs per night (one person can apply for signature accommodation, but not if gender is different)


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