Grampians National Park

2021-06-01 23:31 ~ 2022-06-30 23:31


Would you like to take a different, more special tour in Melbourne?
Trecking + waterfall visit + encounter with wild kangaroos!!

Experience great pristine Australian nature on your own as you treck through Melbourne's beautiful waterfalls and Grand Canyon

07:50 meeting point
08:00 Tour vehicle departs

Lake Bellfield
Halls Gap
Mackenzie Falls
Leeds Lookout
Boroka Observatory
Grand canyon
Watching wild kangaroos

19:30 Arrive at the meeting point


It's the tour price per person.
Mon, Wed, Fri (Minimum 4people)

Included: Driving guide service, tour vehicle, company insurance
Not included: meals, personal insurance
There is a climbing schedule, so please bring your sneakers and coat.


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