2021-06-01 23:26 ~ 2022-06-30 23:26


This is the Masedon + Dalesford itinerary, where you can see the beautiful Mt. Masedon and the best healing village in Victoria.
Dalesford is one of the best weekend healing towns for Melbourne citizens. It is home to cute handicraft shops, vintage shops, various restaurants, and beautiful cafes.
In addition, you can take beautiful pictures while enjoying the healing on the lake located in Daylesford.
Also, the Hanging Rock, which is made of rocks located in the Masedon area, can be climbed lightly, and the scenery of the Masedon area from the top is truly superb.

Daylesford + Macedon Healing Tour Schedule
08:50 Meeting at the meeting point
09:00 Tour vehicle departs

Hanging rock
Memorial Cross
Honor Avenue
Daylesford Town
Lake Daylesford

17:00 Arrive at the meeting point


It's the tour price per person.
Includes: Driving guide service, tour vehicle, company insurance
Not included: Meal expenses, personal insurance