Turkey Specialist Guide


Basic Information

Nickname 루치
Untact service

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Age 40's
Gender Female
Nationality Korea
Residence Turkey
Region available for Business Trip [Central Anatolia]
Ankara / Konya / Others

Istanbul / Bursa / Kocaeli / Others

[The Mediterranean]
Antalya / Adana / Others

[Southeastern Anatolia]
Sanliurfa / Gaziantep / Others

[Aegean Sea]
Language Korean
Specialty Field Museums/Art Galleries ・ Exhibition / Exposition ・ Tour / Sightseeing


I can't speak English.I'll show you only in Korean.
"I have been a guide in Turkey (Venice, Spain) for 13 years.
I will introduce you confidently because I am a veteran guide recognized by myself and others.
I think traveling is the greatest joy in life.

While working as a guide who is called a flower on this trip for more than 10 years, I was worried about what kind of trip would be good.

Traveling with time and money is not just a mechanical way to work, but a guide who is constantly struggling to make a trip that invests time and money.


I can't speak English.
Decade of Turkey
Spain, Portugal.the Second Year of Venice

It's a general group trip.
A number of interpreters and incentive tours

minimum wage