My name is Elderham.


Basic Information

Nickname eldaHam
Untact service

Phone only

Age 50's
Gender Female
Nationality Korea
Residence Italy
Region available for Business Trip [Central]
L'Aquila / Roma / Ancona / Firenze / Perugia / Others

Potenza / Catanzaro / Napoli / Campobasso / Bari / Cagliari / Palermo / Others
Language Korean
Specialty Field Exhibition / Exposition ・ Interpretation / Translation ・ Business/Business Trip /Visit ・ Tour / Sightseeing ・ Market research


*This is a guide in Korean and Italian.
Remember Elderham or Roman daughter-in-law.
Thirty years have passed since I started living in Rome.
I've been in the service industry for 27 years, and I think it's my vocation.
☆☆ Travel agents are also available.
We will continue to move forward, thank you for your cooperation.


I was active as a local guide for the H tour.
🍀 Italian local guide license available
🍀 Vatican Guide License Available

minimum wage