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Nickname barnatour
Untact service

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Age over 60's
Gender male
Nationality Spain
Residence Spain
Region available for Business Trip [East]
Barcelona / Zaragoza / Valencia / Others

Madrid / Toledo / Palma de Mallorca / Others

Sevilla / Granada / Others
Language Korean / Spanish
Specialty Field Exhibition / Exposition ・ Public institutions ・ Interpretation / Translation ・ Tour / Sightseeing ・ Guide with a Vehicle


I can't speak English perfectly

*I can guide you in Korean and Spanish.

Based on a wealth of Spanish culture and historical knowledge and years of experience in Spanish life (1988~),
We will introduce you to various beautiful medieval cities and attractions centered on Barcelona.
In addition to the existing tour products, custom tours are arranged according to the schedule you want.
There is also a service.
As of 2019, before the Corona-19 pandemic, Spain, which attracted about 84 million overseas tourists a year, is a tourist powerhouse in name and reality.
About 640,000 Koreans visited the site alone.
Barnatour has no special advantages other than years of experience and tourism knowledge.
However, I am doing the same service as all the customers are my brothers and family.


▶I have lived in Barcelona since 1988 (I have lived abroad since 1973)
▶Many Spanish letters.Working as an interpreter and translator partner with the valve office
▶ Full membership of the Spanish government's trade agency since 1992
▶ Korean individual and group tourism started in 2008.-BARNATOUR-
*Sanding service for pick-up and drop-off at Barcelona Airport,
* Tour vehicle (car/minibus/large bus)
▶ Cruise travel sales around the world from 2010 (cruise travel is the best)
- cafe .
★ Barnatour Representative: Kim Jin-hwan (Joan Kim)
* headquarters location : C / Provenza , 357 , PR . 2 , ( 08037 ) Barcelona , Spain .
*Representative Phone: +34649408123

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