Ciao, Italy!


Basic Information

Nickname Daon's Home Tour * 꽁치방장
Untact service

Phone only

Age 30's
Gender Female
Nationality Korea
Residence Italy
Region available for Business Trip [Northern]
Bologna / Milano / Venezia / Others

Roma / Firenze / Others

Napoli / Others
Language Korean
Specialty Field Museums/Art Galleries ・ Exhibition / Exposition ・ Tour / Sightseeing ・ Interpretation / Translation ・ Guide with a Vehicle


Please understand that I cannot speak English.I'm a guide only in Korean.

I'm the saury leader who came to Italy to study music in 2007 and has lived there for 14 years.
A part-time job as an interpreter while majoring in music in Milan. I'm performing and performing as an opera singer.

I fell in love with the charm of Venice... with the courage to live here.
We decided to move out in 2012. I wonder if that kind of feeling was understood.
It is also a place where many artists stay and sleep.
A place full of attractiveness that tourists visit all the time 365 days a year!
Venice is a fantasy city that gives my heart flutter just by that word!!
Casanova Marco Polo, go to the ball! Peggy Guggenheim, etc.

The history of the world's richest people born of war orphans.
It's a story about Venice's deep inner world.

In the time you're going with me.
In their lives, in their masks. I want to show you my hidden joys and sorrows.


Before Corona, honeymoon tours, individual FITs, group customer expositions, etc.
I've done a lot of work.
I did the preliminary work before the regular Asiana flight in Venice.
We conducted many VIP tours.
There are also small companies that run it directly as well.

Daon's HomeTour team.
📌 3rd vaccination completed 📌 Safety education.
📌 I will do it with people who have official certificates...❤

minimum wage