Caucasus 3 countries travel


Basic Information

Nickname 코카서스 3국
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Age 50's
Gender male
Nationality Korea
Residence Georgia
Region available for Business Trip Tbilisi
Language Korean / English
Specialty Field Museums/Art Galleries ・ Business/Business Trip /Visit ・ cultural experience ・ Hiking / Tracking


It is a Korean travel agency located in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (Georgia, Georgia: Russian name) located in Caucasus.
Since 2008, we have lived in Georgia and have ample experience in Georgia's economy, region, politics, history and culture.
We provide a variety of services through our network in Azerbaijan and Armenia.
Naver Cafe “Georgia Information Center” ( is in operation.

1) Guide
Info Georgia has Korean knowledge guides in Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia.
The program is in progress (local guides in Korean, English, and Russian are also available)
Professional guide to pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Catholic, Protestant)
Caucasus History and Culture Guide / Humanities Guide
We have professional guides for each field, including professional guides for Caucasus tracking.
2) Program
Info Georgia offers highly satisfactory programs such as restaurants, menus and cultural experiences based on diverse experiences in the culture, history, and economy of the three Caucasus countries.
3) Incentive
Info Georgia conducts high-quality tour programs based on 10 years of experience in various programs, and also has a wealth of experience in broadcast photography, various ceremonial events, and VIP events.
4) Free travel
We also have a wealth of experience in conducting free travel programs for small and family units.
Incentive Tour / VIP Tour / Family Tour / Off-Road Tour / Caucasus Tracking
Jeep Tour / Backcountry Tour / Caucasus Trekking / Horse Riding / Wine Tour / Pilgrimage to the Holy Land / Wild Flower Exploration
Photo shooting/ Customized tour (Semipeg) / Free tour/etc
We are not limited to packaged products, but we will coordinate the travel according to the needs of the traveler.
We are running various programs such as Korea's leading high-quality travel agencies and travel clubs.


2012 GCF Korea Kindergarten Protocol / 2012 Korea-Georgia Diplomatic Relations 20th Anniversary Ceremony
2013 Ministry of Information and Communication - Georgia Visiting Group Protocol
A protocol for the visit of the Georgia contractor of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in 2014
2015 EBRD Annual General Assembly's Ministry of Equipment Protocol / 2015 AIIB Georgia General Assembly's Ministry of Equipment Protocol
2016 NIA (Korea Information Technology Agency) Protocol / October 2016 Chairman Myung-jin In's party event
Chairman of Daishin Securities and a party in January 2017 / May, 2017
2018 Management Association event, minister's party, group wife's party event, etc.
2017 ~ 2019 Architecture related / Art museum exhibition related / Photography clubs, etc.
From 2018, pilgrimage and Caucasus tracking event program development and full progress * 2013 EBS “World Theme Tour” Participated in local coordination of Georgia, a hidden gem of Eurasia
* Participated in Georgian coordinator, meeting life on the road in 2013 KBS “walk into the world”
* Participated in local coordination for Georgia, the land protected by KBS “walking into the world” in 2014
* Participated in the local coordination of the 2015 KBS Vitamin “Going to Georgia, a Country of Longevity”
* 2015 KBS Changeup Life, Suspicious Return to Farm – Sunchang Geumsan Sunchang Inn guest appearance
* Participated in 2016 KBS documentary sympathy village bus and three men's world tour Georgia edition coordination
* 2016 KBS founding special documentary-Cooking Mankind Season 2-The taste of the city-Participated in the coordination of Tbilisi, Georgia
* Participated in 2017 SKY TV “Sullo Life” shooting coordination
* 2018 KBS “Walk into the world”-“A Story of Love and Peace, Georgia Edition” — Participated in local coordination
* 2018 Kolon Fashion-Men's wear autumn and winter photobooks, catalog shoot local coordination participation
* Participated in local coordination of the 2019 TVN “Aam Kimchi” Chuseok special episode
* In addition, EBS "Myeong' translation participation, SBS Morning Wide translation participation, etc.,,,,

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