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Age 50's
Gender Female
Nationality Canada
Residence Canada
Region available for Business Trip [East]
Toronto / Niagara / Kingston / Ottawa / Montreal / Montreal / Quebec / Fredricton / Monton / Halifax / Charlotte Town / St.John/New Brunswick / Others

Vancouver / Victoria / Calgary / Banff / Jasper / Lake Louise / Yellowknife / Edmonton / Regina / Winnipeg / Others
Language Korean / English
Specialty Field Business/Business Trip /Visit ・ Shopping ・ Tour / Sightseeing ・ Guide with a Vehicle ・ Local


Now, travel is no longer a special event but is now considered our lifestyle.

Until now, travel agencies focused on obtaining quantitative growth, as opposed to focusing on the quality of the products offered. This has resulted in not meeting the needs of the consumers and decreasing customer satisfaction.

Oz Tour comprises of qualified veteran experts, with more than 20 years of experience in their individual specified field of travel, and will present products that have undergone internal verification ensuring the quality of the products offered. We will take care of the “start to finish” of your travel experience.

There are agencies that choose to present themselves as the “Best, first and largest”. Oz Tour will not use those meaningless words, but will ensure you that we will deliver the service standards and meet your expectations.


Oz Tour pursues innovative strategies based on the knowledge of qualified experts of each field. We strive to provide a channel for communicating the word of travel, and operate with an effective system with the consumers actively in mind.

Company Name: OZ TOURS
Founded: November 15, 2017
Industry: Travel industry
Representative Director: Byun Hyun Suk
Headquarters Location: 7181 YONGE ST. Unit 49 THORNHILL CANADA
Phone: +1-416-512-2121

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